Love Island

8 times Ovie was our style inspiration

ATTENTION EVERYONE! We're here to inform you that we're currently being blessed by the presence of a style icon in the villa.

We shouldn't even need to say his name, but for those who aren't quite up to speed, prepare to bow down to lord of looks, Ovie.

There isn't a day that passes where we're not left in awe by his fashion prowess, so brace yourself for a huge dose of #inspo as we treat you to some of his finest sartorial successes.

1. We all know the man loves a hat. But especially THIS hat.

Who would've thought a bucket hat and a dressing gown would make such a great combo?

2. He even sleeps in the thing.

To be fair, it does look comfortable.

3. And basically wears it at any given opportunity.

File this one under 'iconic Love Island looks'.

4. Chilling in the sun? A hat and an ice pop are the coolest accessories money can buy.

A vision of summer greatness.

5. Quite frankly, he's a style genius.

We're not entirely sure what's going on here, but we're into it.

5. He's also not averse to a camouflage gilet.

The gold sequin cushions really set the whole look off, don't they?

6. Or a stunning tonal two piece, unzipped to the navel.

The whole world slept on this look and, quite frankly, it's an absolute injustice.

7. You definitely won't catch him in clear lens specs like the other lads.

Only the finest yellow tint will do for this icon.

8. But you will find him in an unbuttoned floral shirt every day of the week.

There's literally not a tropical print Ovie doesn't suit, and that's why we want to couple up with him and his wardrobe immediately.

Love Island