Love Island

7 times we found ourselves backing Anton

This year's self-confessed class clown has been pied more times than we can count, but despite having no luck with the ladies in the villa so far, he's definitely winning us over.

Not only has he stayed positive in the face of very blatant rejection, but the Scotsman has given his fellow Islanders some very good advice - and made us all giggle while he's at it. Oh and those muscles aren't too bad either...

Here are just a few times we've wanted to give him a big high five (and possibly a bit of cuddle).

1. When he thought Anna was going to pick him in the recoupling, but then got absolutely pied.

Never has a facial expression changed so quickly.

2. When he gave Yewande a pep talk about still being single and lifted all of our spirits.

There's always a career in motivational speaking for you if you don't find love in the villa, Anton.

3. And hyped up Amy when she gave Lucie some very sound advice.

Amy: "It's 2019, you can talk to who you like actually." Anton: "Preach sister. Preach!"

4. When Molly-Mae told him he was her type, but then picked Tommy instead.

Operation TomTon was over before it began really. As was Operation AA. And Operation AAA. Always the bridesmaid, ey?

5. When he went full naked butler in the cowboy challenge.

The briefs, the holster, the breath spray. Yeehaaaaw indeed.

6. Who could forget THAT smooch with Tommy?

Quite possibly the best kiss of the series so far! Just saying.

7. And finally, when he sent the Tower of Truth tumbling down.

...after claiming he'd had loads of phone sex, but couldn't quite pinpoint who it was with. Oh Anton.

Love Island