Love Island

8 biggest villa bust-ups of the series


The Love Island villa has seen plenty of drama this series, from break-up beef to date night disputes. We've watched on as our Islanders have fallen out in front of the nation and been filled with glee as they've kissed and made up (most of the time!). Because who doesn't love a happy ending?

So sit back, grab the popcorn and get ready to relive the biggest bust-ups of the series...

1. Storm Anna strikes on Jordan

What happens when you pull a girl you like for a chat in touching distance of your girlfriend?

Jordan found out the hard way when he shared his feelings for India, prompting a betrayed Anna to unleash her fury at her (very) new boyfriend in front of the whole villa. It's fair to say we reeeeeally felt the full effect of Storm Anna that night, as well as her heartbreak.

2. Maura serves Tom a very public pie

Maura and Tom's Hideaway drama has to be one of the most unforgettable moments of the series - and definitely the most dramatic!

The couple had a hot Hideaway date lined up, which quickly went to pot as she overhead Tom telling the boys he was looking forward to seeing "if she's all mouth of not". Let's just say Maura didn't take too kindly to his remark... and the fallout had us GLUED to our screens. Hideaway date for one, anyone?

3. Belle and Anton bring drama to the Island Club

Who knew a challenge could cause so much commotion? We did, actually...

Anton opted to kiss Anna instead of Belle in week six's Snog, Marry, Avoid challenge, and despite preparing to propose to his partner, she turned him down for not planting that kiss on her lips first.

Their fallout continued to the Island Club later that night, with Belle expressing her anger loud and proud in front of the whole party. Thankfully, they kissed and made up the next day!

4. Michael, Amber and Anna kick off after Casa Amor

We've got one word for this bust-up: CHALDISH.

Things got heated pretty quickly when Amber returned from Casa Amor ready to get back with Michael, only to find him standing there with new girl Joanna. Eeeeek.

Amber's BFF Anna stood up for her in the face of Michael's perceived betrayal, causing a big three-way dispute between the Islanders. However, it did spawn his now-famous catchphrase "CHALDISH", so every cloud...

5. Lucie and Amy's food fight gets out of hand

What's the best way to get friendship drama out of your system? Have a massive food fight, of course!

Amy felt Lucie used the Bridezillas challenge to target her, especially after she'd called Lucie out for not socialising with the girls earlier in the week. So there was no happy ever after for the pair as their faux wedding days ended in tears (and we don't mean the happy kind).

However, our girls talked it out and rebuilt their friendship soon after, resisting the need to throw a plate of cake at each other ever again.

6. Yewande pulls up Danny and Arabella

If there's one thing more awkward than arguing with your partner in public, it's arguing with your partner and their potential new partner in public.

Nevertheless, Yewande did not hold back with Danny, telling him: "You told me that you wanted to progress things with me, but you also failed to mention that you also want to get to know her [Arabella]."

We'll also never forget the amazing "MMMMMM" soundbites of Yewande stopping Danny from interrupting her strong speech. If you know, you know.

7. Joanna brands Michael a snake

No one wants to be dumped, but Joanna's solo departure delivered one of the most savage lines of the series.

When Michael was saved by the pair's fellow Islanders, Joanna was sent packing all by herself - and seemed pretty alarmed at Michael's lack of willing to follow her. The couple went from happy families to lovers' tiff in a matter of seconds, but fortunately they've since reconciled on the outside following a VERY awkward reunion after he returned to the villa and turned his attention back to Amber.

8. Chris' banter leaves Harley less than impressed

Another day, another challenge-based fallout!

Chris swilled himself and India in the Side Bar of Shame challenge, leading Harley to believe he thought they were meant to be together. His excuse wasn't accepted by a fuming Harley, who told him: "The thing that you did today was bang out of order, it made me feel about that big. It mugged me off in front of all my friends."

The couple took it hard, with Chris even carving 'SORRY' out of toast to make it up to her. How could anyone not accept that apology?

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