Love Island

8 laugh out loud moments that will never not be funny

It's not all heartbreak and extra loud kissing in the villa. Oh no, our Islanders love to have a bit of a laugh too!

Between their brilliant banter, hilarious one-liners and mega fun times, it's almost impossible not to watch our lot without a smile on your face - especially when Tommy decides to treat us all to yet another original song he's literally just made up on the spot.

So who fancies a good giggle right now? Prepare to LOL as we run down some of the funniest moments of the series so far...

1. When Tommy tried to mount a horse - with great difficulty.

We hit peak enjoyment when he asked the horse's keeper if he'd tip the whole horse over simply by climbing onto it.

Molly-Mae's reaction is all of us.

2. When Nabila unsuccessfully performed the Worm.

We shouldn't laugh, but when you party trick turns out to be a face plant, it's hard not to. We've definitely been here.

3. When Anton enlisted Belle to shave his buttocks.

If you can't have a giggle at someone grooming the cheeks of a man you've known a week, when can you?

4. When Danny came up with an extremely inventive hiding place.

We think the bright red snorkel sticking out of the water might have given it away, Danny, but we appreciate the creative thinking.

5. When Michael tried to subtly stop Joe from putting his foot in it.

When Joe had to confess to Lucie how many one night stands he'd had, Michael used some intense eye contact to give him all the advice he needed. That and three now-iconic little words: don't do it.

6. When Tommy treated Curtis (and all of us) to a unique rendition of The Climb.

If Tommy ever decides to move into music, we'll gladly buy his album of lyrically inaccurate Hannah Montana covers.

7. When Amber and Michael gave Anton the dressing down of the century.

He'd just told Anna that Molly-Mae's more his type on paper, so Amber stepped in on behalf of her mate to bring Anton in line.

"It doesn't matter whether it's on paper, laptop, whatever... You're an idiot!" she chimed.

Meanwhile, Anton's just sat there chomping on crisps.

8. When Curtis rated Arabella 10/10 in the kissing competition.

This shouldn't be funny, but the assured look of certainty on Curtis' face when he thought he'd just smooched Amy is an ABSOLUTE picture.

Love Island