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8 moments from last night's recoupling that had us shook

Oh. Em. Geeeeeee.

Sunday nights never looked so dramatic, as all the Islanders took part in our most explosive recoupling to date. There were touching moments, tough decisions and so much tension it would blunt even the sharpest of knives. THEN just when we thought we could breathe easy, a couple of red hot texts left us hanging.

Was Joe going to choose Lucie? What was Anton going to do? Who on earth would Tommy pick? AND THERE ARE TWO NEW BOYS!? Recap everything that went down right now!

1. Was Joe going to choose Lucie or someone else? The tension was just TOO much.

We'd never expect a recoupling speech that included the line "I know over the last few days I've had my doubts" to end well. But luckily Joe pulled it back and coupled up with Lucie once again.

2. Michael in glasses.

That is all.

3. Danny's description of Yewande warmed our cold hearts.

"She has great character, amazing features both inside and out." Forget recoupling speeches, we'd happily take that one as a wedding speech (if you're offering, Danny...)

4. Anton coupled up with Elma, potentially putting good friend Anna in danger.

Making a decision wasn't easy for Anton, but he ultimately chose to follow his heart - and it led him to Elma. Is there love in the air for this pair?

5. But he was a total gent and instantly gave Anna a reassuring hug.

What a top guy.

6. After a dramatic few days, Tommy surprised us all by picking Molly-Mae over Maura.

Given their recent string of rows, we almost thought Tommy and Molly-Mae were history! But it's clear he's still got a soft spot for the blonde stunner, leaving Maura standing.

7. Anna and Maura didn't go home - they went on dates!

We never know whether a text tone means something good or bad in this villa. Luckily for remaining single girls Anna and Maura it didn't send them packing, instead sending them straight on dates with new boys Jordan and Tom. Phew!

8. But two couples ARE at risk.

Another text told us that all couples now have to vote for the pairs they think are the least compatible. Those who receive the most votes risk being dumped from the island. Eeeeeeeeeek.

Love Island