Love Island

8 most heart-wrenching moments so far

Where there's love, there's heartbreak - and we've already seen plenty of it in the Love Island villa this year.

Recouplings have torn couples in two, while Casa Amor basically turned the whole island upside down, bringing more drama than you could shake a bottle of suncream at. In fact, we've got emotional with our Islanders so many times, tissues have almost become an essential viewing accessory!

So let's embrace all the feels as we count down some of the most heart-wrenching moments so far...

1. When Curmy officially came to an end.

The mum and dad of the villa have just officially ended it, as Curtis called it quits in a very emotional exchange. Armed with a list of questions, Amy had hopes of salvaging their relationship, but it simply wasn't to be.

*weeps endlessly*

2. When Jordan was left standing solo after Casa Amor.

Poor Jordan! Their connection was instant and he'd been getting closer to Anna, opting to stick with her while she was away in Casa Amor. What he didn't expect was for her to return coupled up with new guy Ovie. Even though Jordan kept his cool, we could tell he was more than a little bit devastated.

3. When Jucie were separated.

Our first heartbreak came in the form of Joe and Lucie after they'd been voted one of the least compatible couples in the villa which made the pair vulnerable alongside Elma and Anton. Joe was eventually sent packing, leaving a distraught Lucie behind.

So. many. feels.

4. When a dramatic recoupling sent Yewande home.

Danny struck up a close relationship with Yewande in the villa, but when Arabella came in and turned his head, he was faced with a very tough decision.

We would've all loved them both to stay, but unfortunately Yewande had to pack her bags in a totes emosh exit that left a big hole among the original Islanders in particular.

5. When Tommy and Ellie-Belly missed Molly-Mae more than life.

We're still NOT over Tommy calling Molly-Mae 'mummy' and Ellie-Belly their 'son'. Family goals or what?

We couldn't bear (pun intended) to see the Fury family separated while she was in Casa Amor, but it did make their reunion even sweeter.

6. When Anton coupled up with Lucie to keep his mate safe.

Recouplings are never easy, but Anton's had some particularly tricky choices to make during his time on Love Island.

He proved himself to be a proper gent once again when he kept Lucie in the villa so she could find love again, rather than pursuing a romantic connection with Arabella.

7. When Ovie was there for Amber.

After walking back into the main villa alone to find out Michael had recoupled with Joanna, Amber finally let her guard down - and the floodgates opened, quite literally.

Cue Ovie offering up a shoulder to cry on, reassuring Amber she "handled herself like a boss". Now THAT is the kind of encouragement we need in our lives.

8. When the boys dumped Arabella from the island.

The neon party took a real dark turn when the boys were tasked with sending one girl home for good. Arabella was shown the door after just after just a week in the villa, leaving smitten Danny single.

Did the lads feel guilty? Their faces really say it all.

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