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8 Casa Amor moments we cannot WAIT to see

Which two words fill us with excitement, fear and elation all at once? Casa Amor, of course!

The girls have temporarily waved goodbye to the villa to get to know a bunch of handsome new lads, while six gorgeous girls have taken their place back home with the boys. Sounds like it's going to be a completely chilled, calm and drama-free experience, right?

We've already got SO many questions, and here's exactly what we're hoping to find out from their first day of playing away...

1. Is this end for Jordanna?

Anna and Jordan have got pretty close in the villa, but six foot seven basketball player Ovie may have just changed all of that. She's been looking for a tall, fit lad with great energy, and judging by the look on her face, she may have just found it. Eeeeek.

2. Maura's single and ready to mingle... with Dennon

Everyone's favourite Irish Islander made her feelings towards Dennon very clear from the moment he stepped foot in Casa Amor - and after all the Tom drama, we're ready to see Maura have some fun. You go girl!

3. Will Curmy pass the Casa test?

Amy's a very smart cookie - she's done the maths and worked out six new girls in the villa equals a six to one chance of Curtis cheating on her. Ouch.

Does this mean she thinks his head could be turned? Surely the mum and dad of the villa aren't about to go through a divorce? We know they're not actually married yet, but still, we're concerned.

4. Nabila thinks Michael needs an upgrade

To quote Nabila: "He needs a woman, not a girl." We can only imagine what Amber will have to say to that!

But does this mean our new hottie is going to get her graft on in Michael's direction? We just hope she knows what she's getting herself into...

5. Anton's top of the list, finally!

He's been in the villa for almost four weeks now, but Anton hasn't succeeded in his quest to find love just yet. However, Casa Amor could be a HUGE turning point.

Both Belle and Maria have been vocal about their crush on the Scotsman, so fingers crossed he'll find someone to couple up with very soon.

We'll get The Hideaway ready for you now, Anton...

6. Stevie's put himself in the friend zone

How do you charm a girl you've just met and will be sharing a villa with for the foreseeable future? Insult the guy they're coupled up with of course. Oh Stevie.

His airhead comment about Tommy was not well received by Molly-Mae to say the least, so we can only assume he won't be turning her head any time soon. But you know what they say, never say never!

7. Where will everyone sleep?

The girls look pretty comfortable on the fresh Casa Amor beds at the moment, but will they be snoozing alone or inviting a new boy to share their sheets? And will they have to put up with another Curtis-style snorer in an even smaller bedroom?

Side note: we're officially declaring canvas prints of floating fruit a hot interior design trend for summer 2019.

8. And WHAT on earth is happening here?!

Michael? Is that you? What is happening?! WE NEED ANSWERS.

Love Island returns tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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