Love Island

8 things we learnt on day 33

The villa plot thickened on day 33 as our Islanders were torn between old and new. Michael and Amber cleared the air under the watchful eye of Joanna, and Jordan chose Anna for a very flirty date... while Ovie looked on at the next table. Maura set her sights on newly-single Curtis less than 24 hours after he broke it off with Amy for good, and the lack of chemistry between Lucie and George, and Maura and Marvin, did not go unnoticed by the guys. Here's what we learnt.

1. Curmy are officially over

A stern ‘I’ve ended it’ from Curtis to the boys after his breakup chat with Amy is the confirmation we’re still not sure we were ready to hear.

It’s official: Curmy are no more.

2. Molly-Mae is all of us and we will never tire of her reactions

Alongside Michael, she’s the living meme that keeps on giving and we LOVE her for it.

3. Our Islanders like to tackle life’s big questions

It’s early days for Lucie and George, but with sizzling chat like this there must be potential... right?

“What’s your favourite snack?” George asked the surfer.“Salt and vinegar crisps,” she replied, to which he offered: “I like prawn cocktail.”

Glad we cleared that up.

4. Sorry really is the hardest word

It took a few days for the dust to settle, but Michael and Amber finally cleared the air after he recoupled with Joanna and left Amber single.

"I deeply am sorry for the pain that I’ve brought you. I’m the p**** that done it to you," he told her.

"I just thought that everything would be ok. It’s just upsetting because I know what I’m like, I know I don’t open up to people," she tearfully admitted.

We all felt a little pang when the firefighter offered: "I wanted you to know that I’m sorry. I never wanted to hurt you."

5. If you close your eyes... you can sniff out the flirting between your man and his ex

Trying her best to subtly listen to Amber and Michael’s chat on the bean bags, a close-by-but-not-quite-close-enough Joanna unveiled listening tactics to rival James Bond.

“If you close your eyes, it enhances your senses,” she told Jourdan as they sat in silence.

6. There’s no time to mess around when your bed is calling

When you’re gagging for bed and you’ve got to take your makeup off, there’s only one thing for it: whip out the double face wipe method. Every second counts at bedtime, and we’re on board for this kind of efficiency.

7. Double dates never looked so complicated

So the girl you're coupled up with is on a date with her sort-of-ex, and meanwhile you’re on a date with her friend. Not weird at all…

Well, it wouldn't be except that Anna was busy telling Jordan how much she missed him.

Watch out Ovie, this love triangle looks like it's developing some sharp edges...

8. Maura's ready for some new moves...

After admitting she's not feeling it with Marvin, Maura admitted to Lucie that she's got her eye on another Islander."I had a casual chat with Curtis today," she revealed. "It's weird now because he's single. I'd always look at him and think he's obviously gorgeous," she told a shocked Lucie, before plotting to ask him to teach her how to dance.Two words: Plot. Twist.

9. There’s been a bit of tea spillage, and Molly-Mae’s the one pouring

After Michael reassured Joanna that his chat with Amber had only brought him closure, Molly-Mae promptly planted seeds of doubt back in Joanna’s head.

Discussing Amber’s choice for her date, Molly-Mae revealed that Michael had been in the running.“She wouldn’t have contemplated taking him on the date if he’d categorically said there’s nothing more between you and I,” she told the girls on the daybed, adding: “She was this close to picking him.”

*pause while Joanna processes this information*

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