Love Island

8 times Chris was the banter king of the villa

When Chris strolled into the villa just over a week ago, little did we know that we were in for a fresh delivery of top banter - and some of the most incredible hair we've ever seen.

He's kept us entertained with his quirky questions, strong looks and how can we not love him purely for inventing the concept of being Ovie'd?

So let's revisit some of his most legendary Love Island moments so far...

1. When he proudly rocked the first male hair wrap of the series.

When your hair's as good as Chris', you need to give it the TLC it deserves.

2. When he hit India with some deep thought-provoking conversation.

"Would you rather brush your teeth with a squirrel or lick a goat's face every day for the rest of your life?"

3. And asked Amber the most important question of all.

We all dream of a man uttering the words "who's your favourite Disney princess" on a first date.

4. When he was literally us every day of the week.

Excuse the washing up, Chris is just assessing his life choices while lying across the kitchen island. Can relate.

5. When he made quantity surveying look sexy.

Nothing gets us hot under the collar like a workman stripping off... and folding his clothes immediately.

6. When he tried to figure out Maura's snack preferences.

Nope, he didn't go straight in with a cheesy chat-up line on their first date. Instead he quizzed on her favourite biscuit, and we're still gagging to know what it is to be honest.

7. When he had no problem scoffing down a vindaloo.

This lad is clearly a frequent patron of his local curry house, as he polished the plate off while barely stopping for air.

8. And last but not least, when he tried out a bold shirt over his satin floral robe.

We love a man who can handle a print... or five.

Love Island