Love Island

7 times girl power ruled the villa

Let's hear it for the ladies of Love Island!

Our girls are gorgeous inside and out, bossing any challenge or romantic dilemma that comes their way. Whether you need outfit advice, someone's shoulder to cry on or a gal pal to back you in a row, they'll be there quicker than Anton running to make you a morning coffee.

And despite the various love triangles they've found themselves in, our fab females have always moved past them to put friendship first. Girl power at its finest!

Scroll down to enjoy all the times our lasses have made us proud this series...

1. When Anna bigged up Yewande's beauty.

"I don't think she realises how beautiful she is, inside and out."

Now that's the kind of BFF we need in our life.

2. When Maura pied Tom in an unforgettable power move.

If you think you're going to get a hot date with Maura after joking about her to the lads, you've got another thing coming. Long story short, do NOT mess with this woman.

3. When Amber introduced us to a new life mantra.

We're off to get "go to sleep, take your lashes off, wake up fresh" printed on a t-shirt.

4. When Maura brought SO much real talk during the Curmy drama.

Our Patron Saint of Cold Hard Truth dished out words of encouragement by the bucketload to Amy, making sure she knew her worth amidst the Curtis chaos.

"Do you think that you deserve this? Sorry, but seriously?" Yassss Maura, yaaassss!

5. When Lucie welcomed Arabella with open arms, despite her being her ex's ex.

Could've been dramatic, totally wasn't. We're here for girls supporting girls.

6. When the girls made the boys sweat.

The control was 100 per cent in the girls' hands in the workout challenge, and boy did they make their voices heard.

Molly-Mae screaming "KEEP GOING! DON'T GIVE UP" at them is a big mood.

7. And lastly, when they totally bossed one of the toughest challenges yet.

Guzzle down a disgusting drink while running on a treadmill, then chomp on a raw carrot while you're on a rowing machine? All while wearing a bunny outfit? These ladies are absolute machines!

Love Island