Love Island

8 times Jordan proved himself to be a top lad

He may have been in the villa for less than a month, but it's already been quite the journey for cool, cute and curly-haired model Jordan.

We've see him go through ups and downs with Anna, friendship friction with Tom and let's not even talk about Casa Amor...

But if there's one thing we can rely on Jord for, it's a big beaming smile! So how about we take a look at the times he's so kindly brightened up our days?

1. On his first date with Anna, he was nothing but a gentleman.

He told Anna she was beautiful and looked like a model within minutes. Winning.

2. Days later, he rocked this 'do with absolute confidence.

Not many men can pull this look off, but if anyone can it's our Jordan.

3. Honesty came first when Maura quizzed him over his chat with Tom.

"I don't wanna see a girl upset, so I can't lie to you."

If that's not top lad behaviour, then what is?

4. And he knew exactly what to say when officially coupling up with Anna.

He complimented her great personality, gorgeous green eyes and rated her toes 10 out of 10.

5. Although she came back from Casa Amor recoupled, he respectfully took it on the chin.

"I'm just gonna dust myself off, get back up and see what tomorrow brings."

6. He successfully reignited their flame by introducing her to the word 'chinwag'.

That's a face that says 'we can get past these unexpected language barriers'.

7. Forget birthday cakes - Jordan's the master of celebratory breakfast dishes.

We're expecting nothing less on the morning of our next birthday than a personalised omelette - hopefully made by a fit lad and not our mum.

8. And finally, we'll never be able to unsee his flat-out commitment to the dirty dancing challenge.

We've never seen so much baby oil on a man, but we're not mad.

Love Island