Love Island

8 times Michael was the hero we needed

Not only is a firefighter Michael a hero in real life (he's literally saved a dog from drowning, we can't cope), but he's proving himself to be an absolute legend in the villa.

Whether the lads need a wingman or the ladies need a hype man, our current favourite beefed-up scouser always knows just what to say. We stan.

So sit back, relax and enjoy some of the best Michael moments we've been blessed with so far.

1. When he gave Yewande the confidence boost she needed to crack on with Danny.

Yewande: I feel like a bad bitch.Michael: Own that s***.Yaaaassss Michael, yaaaassss!

2. When he potentially saved Joe from a row with Lucie while playing Tower of Truth.

Three words: Don't do it.

3. When he told Amber how he really felt.

Aaaawww, our Michael does romance too! We're melting.

4. And then ate chocolate spread straight from the jar after their kiss.

This is a man seriously living his best life.

5. When he reassured Amber that he's only got eyes for her after *that* date with Maura.

"Nobody's ever made me laugh like you've made me laugh."*A single tear streams down our face*

6. When he confessed to taking a girl all the way to Paris for a first date.

A day at Disneyland with a hot lad? Where do we sign up?!

7. When he fully embraced the boys' spa day.

He really understands the healing power of a face mask.

8. When he gave Yewande and Danny's first kiss the celebration it deserved.

We ALL need a mate who literally jumps for joy when we neck on with our crush.

And bonus pic: when he was the sexiest cowboy to ever grace the villa.

Magic Mike just took on a whole new meaning.

Love Island