Love Island

8 times Tommy and Molly-Mae were couple goals

It's official: we've got our first boyfriend and girlfriend of the series! Hoorah!

Tommy and Molly-Mae have been loved up since the moment they laid eyes on each other, and despite a few bumps in the road *cough Maura cough*, they've been getting stronger every single day.

So prepare to feel the love as we look back at some of their most heart-warming moments to date!

1. From their first very date, Molly-Mae and Tommy were a perfect match.

Who knew The Hideaway hot tub would be the birthplace of something so special?

2. They even started creating their own language the very next day.

The word "chive" took on a whole new meaning thanks to these two.

3. When it came to their first kiss, Tommy knew all the right words to say.

"Every time I wake up next to you, it just makes me smile, because I don't know what I've done to deserve waking up next to you."

We can't take the cuteness.

4. And their horse riding date looked like the MOST fun.

Between Tommy's original song and mounting mishap, we couldn't stop laughing - and neither could Molly-Mae.

5. When Casa Amor separated the duo, Tommy wanted nothing more than to reunite the Fury family.

He simply couldn't wait for Molly-Mae aka Ellie-Belly's mum to be back in his arms once again. Altogether now, aaaaaaw!

6. And when she did return, the emotions all got a bit too much.

A handsome Tommy waiting with her favourite toy in his arms literally sent Molly-Mae into meltdown.

Meanwhile, we can't even get our mum to text us back.

7. So of course, Tommy got Ellie-Belly involved when it came to making their relationship official.

He set the scene with rose petals, wrote his declaration of love in eyeliner on tissue paper and delivered it via cuddly toy. SO much cuter than it sounds.

8. And then he topped it all off by dropping the L-bomb the morning after.

"If I'm genuinely being serious, I do genuinely feel like I love you."

We're genuinely in love with them both!

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