Love Island

9 moments from the EPIC recoupling we're still not over

All we can say to the Casa Amor recoupling is a big fat WOW.

It was the most explosive night in the villa so far, with hearts being warmed and broken left, right and centre. There were tears, there were breakups and there were flames - and no, we're not just talking about the firepit.

If you're still reeling from all the drama, get ready to relive every single moment that had us SHOOK...

1. Two words: Curtis's speech.

We could barely watch as Curtis decided to stick with Amy - despite admitting Jourdan had turned to his head - shocking the villa with this now iconic speech:

"Over the past four days I've found more out about myself and my feelings than ever before - and it made me realise I'd been lying to myself, and that most of all, I had been lying to Amy."

We cannot cope.

2. Maura's face said it all.

If. looks. could. kill.

3. Danny had fire in his eyes, literally.

There has never been a more apt moment for physics to work its magic than this.

As Curtis told the villa a certain "young lady" had turned his head - aka Jourdan, who Danny had just coupled up with - the firepit lit up his eyes with actual flames. We bloomin' love this show.

4. Jordan's rejection was so emosh.

Our boy Jordan had decided to stay loyal to Anna, only to watch her stroll in hand-in-hand with six foot seven basketball hunk Ovie.

She could barely look at him as Caroline asked her if she'd made the right decision, replying with a resounding "yeah". We're here for you Jord!

5. The Fury family were reunited.

Tears, tears and more tears fell when Tommy, Molly-Mae and Ellie Belly had an emotional reunion. Molly-Mae was convinced her boxing beau had moved on, but there he was, waiting for her with cuddly toy in hand. Now that's love.

6. Anton FINALLY got a girl!

Four weeks of hard graft finally amounted to something for our Scottish fitness fanatic, who coupled up with gorgeous new Islander Belle. Tale as old as time, ey?

7. Michael's recoupling brought ALL the tension.

Talk about save the best 'til last! We waited with bated breath to see what move Michael would make in the recoupling, and his fellow Islanders were totally stunned to see him dump Amber for Joanna.

8. Molly-Mae's reaction was all of us.

It's a look that says 'I've been in Casa Amor for four days and did NOT see this coming'.

9. Amber's face told us everything we need to know.

How would you react if you walked back into the villa to find your man coupled up with a new lass? If Amber's eyes are saying anything, it's that she's not going to let this one go lightly...

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