Love Island

8 of our Islanders' most inspirational quotes

In the mood for some uplifting life mantras? Then you've come to the right place!

It seems our Islanders have turned into modern-day philosophers over the last six weeks, treating us to words of wisdom that we can all apply to our daily lives. Wether you're going through a break up, falling out with a mate or just can't decide what to have for dinner, this lot know exactly what you need to hear.

So take a seat, grab an orange squash and prepare to be inspired by the lads and ladies of the villa.

1. "There’s seven billion people on the planet, you’re gonna base your confidence off of six?" - Belle

As the old saying goes, there are plenty more fish in the vill-- sorry, sea.

2. "I believe life is a test and love is a prize. Some people either win it or they don’t." - Tommy

And it seems Tommy has really hit the jackpot.

3. "A little bit of love is what everyone needs." - Curtis

It definitely sounds like you're on the right show, Curtis.

4. "People are gonna do what they're gonna do. Deal with it and move on with your life." - Jordan

If they ain't paying your bills, pay them no mind.

5. "You're not Jesus bruv, you can't expect to be perfect. It's not realistic bruv." - Ovie

Wise words not just for Curtis, but for us all.

6. "It's better to be better than bitter" - Molly-Mae

Taking the high road never sounded so profound.

7. "Don’t come to Love Island if you don’t wanna be loved" - Danny

Sound advice for future applicants.

8. "When you love someone you have to let them go." - Amy

Brb just tearing up at this Amy speech all over again.

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