Love Island

9 times Molly-Mae proved she's an actual hair unicorn

Raise a hand if you've been obsessing over a certain Islander's hair from the moment she stepped foot in the villa? We're right there with you!

Quite frankly, Molly-Mae has some of the most gorgeous locks we've ever laid eyes on (excluding Curtis' bed head, obvs), and she can quite literally wear it any which way. Messy bun? Half up half down? Perfect milkmaid braids? Her locks tick every single box.

So join us in getting totally jealous over just a handful of the styles she's CATEGORICALLY perfected.

1. The second she entered the villa, we were like WOW.

She really has that 'loose waves with lots of volume' look down.

2. Even when she popped it in a bun for a dip it the hot tub, she still looked flawless.

Molly-Mae's messy bun looks like a precisely placed stunning sphere, ours looks like an actual potato plonked on a beach ball.

3. Her simple, straight and sleek 'do also looks amazing.

We'd pay good money to achieve anything close to this result.

4. She can rock gorgeous milkmaid braids too.

Is there ANY hairstyle she doesn't suit?!

5. And let's not forget when she casually hit us with the double braids.

We've all tried to perfect those *wispy bits*, but have never succeeded quite like this.

6. She can pull off a fishtail braid of epic proportions too.

We've literally never seen a plait look this good.

7. Just look at how her luscious locks blow in the wind.

Molly-Mae in a bridal veil: Glowing ethereal perfection.Us in a bridal veil: Hen party gone very, very wrong.

8. Even her low ponytail is 100% on point.

We bet she could even make a shower cap look totally ~*cute*~.

9. Finally, let's hear it for the Molly-Mae Signature™.

*Petitions for Molly-Mae to start streaming daily hair tutorials from the villa*

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