All about Connagh

Will 27-year-old model Connagh ruffle some feathers as he enters the villa looking for love? Here’s everything you need to know about the Cardiff-born cupid…

- Connagh might be the ideal man, but just make sure you’re not in a hurry as his worst habit is procrastination!- As cheesy chat up lines go, Connagh’s go-to is ‘Do you feel that? That’s boyfriend material.’- The ladies don’t need to be worried about Connagh’s head turning, ‘It’s hard to say that you’re not going to be attracted to more than one person, that’s the reality of it. But if I’m committed then I will be loyal.’- He must have some good chat as Connagh reckons his best feature is his jaw line.

- Sporty girls step up! ‘I like a girl who can do some sort of sport as I'm into sport. I'm looking for someone I can be myself with. I like brunettes, a girl with nice eyes, who likes to take care of themselves.’- Apparently he actually does wish his girlfriend was hot like Nicole Scherzinger - she’s Connagh’s celeb crush!- Connagh’s claim to fame? ‘I was in an advert with Anthony Joshua. I’m a big boxing fan. I was really excited to meet him. In the ad we are both training. It was pretty nerve-wracking, he’s a big boy!’