All about Connor

If a dazzling smile and a good cup of coffee are two of your favourite things, Connor is definitely the guy for you! Get to know our 25-year-old coffee bean salesman from Brighton...

- He's entering the villa to find love, but Connor's approach to cracking on is more classic than a cappuccino. "I hate chat up lines! I prefer just meeting someone when I’m out," he says.

- While loyalty hasn't always been his strong point, his days of being a player are over. "I have cheated on a girlfriend before when I was much younger, but I’m older and more mature now."

- The girl of his dreams has got to be "outgoing, a big personality, loving and I don’t want her to be embarrassed to show it in front of people". Fingers crossed for some bubbly and affectionate Islanders!

- He rates himself as a seven out of 10 in the looks department and says girls are often drawn to his... hands.

- It's not just coffee that gets Connor going. He snacks on hummus and crackers every. single. day. "I’ve done it for years – I love it! I eat a pot a day."

- Along with a fully-stocked fridge, bro code is a big priority for this lad. "They need to have your back and not be snake-y. I hate snakes." Let's hope no reptiles are hiding in the villa this series!