All about Eve & Jess

What's better than one fit blonde? Two, of course! This dynamic duo are students and VIP hostesses from London. Here's the low-down on our twins, Eve & Jess...

- No you're not seeing double, we really do have two identical beauties in the villa! Just don't try to use a twin-related chat up line on them. "So many have been said to us," Jess says.

- They've got the same celeb crush (Anthony Joshua), the same best feature (their hair), but something that's not identical? What they'd rate themselves out of 10. Jess gives herself a 7.5, while Eve rates herself a 7. Interesting...

- Eve & Jess both have the same idea for a dream first date – keeping it casual with drinks in a bar. "I'd hate to go on a romantic dinner!", Jess says.

- Sisters over misters everyday. Sometimes guys try to get with both of them, but Jess says: "We've got so much respect for each other, we’re not going to argue over a boy!"

- And if a guy does pie one of them? Watch out! Eve says: "With Jess, I have the ultimate girl code. If someone upset her I’d never speak to them again."

- So how can an Islander win them over? Be fun and confident, kind and respectful. Let's hope there's lots of lads like that in the villa!