Love Island

All about Josh

- This fittie is a 21-year-old DJ from Birmingham - but will he hit the right beats in the villa this summer?

- On the lookout for love, Josh says, "I’ve had my eye on Georgia for a while. Alexandra blew me away when I saw her." But he's not putting all his discs in one case, "I want to get to know them all and go from whoever I think I’m getting the most connection back from."

- His confidence is sure to get the villa pumping, "no one brings the energy like I do. Not even close!" Get ready Islanders, it's time to up the tempo!

- Get pruning ladies, this guy looks after himself, "I get my chest waxed, trim my leg hairs, get my eyebrows done and some girls like that."

- Our sexy singleton has been looking for love for two and a half years. Raise the BPM! It's time to get some heartbeats pumping.

- Cheating is a "no-go" for this Brummie, "I would never cheat. Never in a million years." We're sure that Georgia will absolutely love his loyalty.

- The way to Josh's heart is laughter, and he's looking for "someone on his level." We'll see if he finds the full package this summer.

- Bad teeth are a big turn off for Josh. With our Islanders' shiny whites, he's gonna have absolutely no issues. If anything, they're SO bright, we'd recommend bringing your sunnies!

- This clumsy hottie tells us about his most disastrous date, "We got some champagne in a bucket with ice and I stood up and knocked it all over her! She left the date." There's no point crying over spilled milk babe. Spilled champagne, however. Someone pass us the tissues!

- Our boys' boy isn't afraid to step on any toes, "I will choose a girl over a guy, definitely." Hold onto your girls, lads, this DJ's ready to mix things up.

Love Island