Love Island

All about: Kaila

Why have you signed up for Love Island?

Real life dating has not been doing me any favours at all. I’ve had it.

Tell us about your job as a DJ.

Work is fun. Before the pandemic I was DJ-ing everywhere, all around the world, really fun, exciting, very fast-paced, meeting a lot of interesting characters. I’d be around a lot of different artists in the industry. I love the energy. Sometimes it is hard dating as I am travelling a lot.

What are you looking forward to in the villa?

I’m really looking forward to meeting everybody and finding somebody. I’m really intrigued and excited about who I’ll meet in there.

Are you competitive?

I am very competitive. I wouldn’t have got where I am in work and my career if I wasn’t prepared to have a little drive and oomph in me.

How would friends and family describe you?

My friends would say I’m very energetic. Never got into drinking, was never my thing, but I’d be the one up all night still and they’d be falling asleep. They’d say I was very outgoing and hardworking for sure. What I want I go and get it. Independent, too. And caring and loving.

Do you have a party trick?

I think my party trick is I’m the DJ and kind of the life of the party. I create the party.

Love Island