All about Leanne

Customer service advisor Leanne is used to winning over customers with her dazzling eyes, but will she have as much luck in the villa? Find out what this 22-year-old London beauty is looking for...

- This babe backs herself, rating her looks a 10/10. Because, after all as she says "if you don’t love yourself, who will?"

- If she sees a fit guy, Leanne isn't afraid to do what it takes to make him hers. "If I want something, I'll get it."

- And she isn't afraid to step on a few toes to get there! "If you’re not close friends with someone there’s no such thing as girl code." Sounds like there could be some drama in the villa...

- Gerard Butler tops Leanne's list of celeb crushes, describing her dream man as "someone who is rugged and manly". The villa boys better be prepared to fight like Spartans for her heart then!

- When it comes to loyalty, she's reeeeeally got to like a guy first. "If I don’t like you that much then I’m not loyal."

- Describing herself as "unpredictable, fun and charismatic", Leanne is hoping to "learn and change" in the villa. We can't wait to see what's in store for her!