All about: Luke M

Heating engineer Luke is newly single and looking for an outgoing, funny girl that can hold a conversation. Let’s get to know this bombshell a little better…

- 24-year-old Luke from Redcar isn’t afraid to step on a few toes to find his perfect girl. He’s loyal but admits he has a wandering eye, saying: ‘it’s natural isn’t it?’

- This heavily inked Islander has over 50 tattoos and is often mistaken for Justin Bieber. Describing previous mix-ups, he said: ‘I’ve walked into clubs and been given VIP table service and free drinks because the bouncer has thought I’m him!’

- Describing himself as ‘happy’, ‘outgoing’ and ‘caring’, Luke says he’d be immediately turned off by someone who’s really quiet.

- Although he admits he’s got a wandering eye, this bombshell says he respects the bro code: ‘If you’re mates with a lad, you don’t go with their lass. Or give her the eye.’

- Speaking of giving the eye, Luke is loving the look of Paige and the pair already have one thing in common! When asked what song sums up his love life, Luke picked Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi (aka Paige’s ex).