All about: Luke T

Semi-pro footballer and student Luke is looking for the ‘real deal’ - can his positive vibes find him love in the villa?

- 22-year-old Luke from Luton is a self-confessed romantic and he’s hoping to find a love that lasts. Taking inspiration from his mum and dad, he said: 'My parents met when they were teenagers and are still together now so that’s what I want.’

- Luke describes himself as ‘energetic’, ‘positive’ and ‘smiley’ - he’s so smiley in fact that it often earns him a few compliments!

- Intelligence is top of the list when it comes to Luke’s type on paper. He’s looking for ‘someone who’s got a bit of something about them’ and at the moment he’s got his eye on Leanne, Siânnise, Sophie and Rebecca.

- Speaking of the girls in the villa, Luke isn’t afraid to step on toes but says he’d ask beforehand: ‘I’m definitely ready to get into a relationship and I want to bring a nice energy to the villa.’

- The song that sums up this bombshell’s love life is Crazy In Love by Beyonce.

- When it comes to loyalty, this semi-pro footballer says he just doesn’t have a wandering eye! Priding himself on his positive energy, he says: ‘I wouldn't lie to someone and then go and do something else. I’d try and be open.’