Love Island

All about Megan

Megan’s in touch with her spiritual side, and she’s already got her eyes fixated on her perfect guy. But who will the model strut her stuff with, once she enters the villa?

- A lover of a good chinwag, looks aren’t always important to Megan. ‘I’m definitely more about personality’. This Essex girl is all about the chat, and loves it ‘when you can chat endlessly with someone’.

- She believe cheating is ‘very cowardly’, and prefers be upfront with someone. ‘It’s greedy as well, and wrong’, she adds.

- Chilled out Megan has got the hots for a certain islander, ‘Eyal has more to him that I want to discover’.

- Not eggs-actly the luckiest in love, the last date Megan went on ‘I was egged’, ‘these youngsters threw an egg at my face’. Let’s just hope someone whisks her off her feet in the villa.

- Megan can’t wait to get mouthy with the boys, ‘I have a thing for mouths’.

- Honesty and loyalty is key for Megan, she believes that ‘a lot of people our age play games’.

- She doesn’t like arrogance and her eyes have already wandered away from a certain someone... ‘That’s what put me off Adam. Who gives themselves a 9 out of 10?’.

- This brown-eyed beauty’s determined to get the man she wants, ‘The two boys I like, I won’t hold back!’.

- She’s ready to stir up the couplings, but says ‘I wouldn’t want to break up Laura and Wes because I can tell they really like each other.’.

Love Island