All about Rebecca

21-year-old Rebecca hopes to crack on with the boys by cracking her best jokes! This Newcastle bombshell is looking to bag herself an Islander by being herself, so let’s get to know her a little bit better...

- Rebecca won Miss Newcastle in 2018 and came sixth in Miss England in 2019, so she’s no stranger to strutting her stuff.

- Working as a part-time model and carer, she goes for funny guys and says ‘I’ll just be myself’ when it comes stepping in the villa.

- She admits she often gives the wrong impression when she meets someone for the first time. When asked what her worst habit is, Rebecca said: ‘Looking people up and down and not realising. I give the wrong impression but I’m usually just checking out what they’re wearing!’

- Rebecca describes herself as ‘fun’, ‘loud’, ‘outgoing’, ‘fearless’ and ‘spontaneous,’ which is one serious set of qualities to be bringing into the villa!

- Her type on paper is the ‘jack the lad’ style - someone that is the centre of attention and is easy to get along with.

- Proof that she fancies a ‘man who knows what he wants’ is the fact her celebrity crush is Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey!

- Boy-wise in the villa, she’s currently got her eyes on Connagh, Callum and Mike - so she could be stirring up a bit of trouble with the girls…