All about Shaughna

Looking for beauty and brains combined? Look no further than 25-year-old Londoner, Shaughna. Here's what you need to know about our democratic services officer...

- Scratching your head at her job? Shaughna pretty much makes sure local councils work in an open and honest way. Let's hope she does the same for the villa boys!

- Not afraid of the B-word, Shaughna describes herself as "easy-going, but a little bit bossy". She's got the smarts to back it up too, saying people won't expect her to be as clever as she is.

- She's hoping to find a fit boy to match. Her ideal man is "funny, a little bit smart, but not smarter than me".

- Once she finds her perfect man it's time to cosy down and... watch the news? You read that right, Shaughna wants someone she can "watch the news with and have a conversation about it".

- Don't worry, it's not all serious with this brainy beauty. "I'm definitely up for having fun when it comes to love", she says. We're sure she's in for a bit (or a lot) of that in the villa!

- The worst chat up line used on her was: "If you were on a McDonald's menu, you'd be a McGorgeous." We've gotta say, cheesy but true!