Casa Amor: Meet the girls

Natalia, 20 from Manchester

- Student Natalia is ready to turn Casa Amor upside down! "I can be a bit random... I'm also energetic and adventurous".- Callum, Finn and Luke M have already caught her eye, but she also likes a man with a strong beard!- She rates her smile and laugh as her best features, but says her worst habit is wearing her heart on her sleeve... a little too much. "If I'm in a bad mood, people will know about it."

Eva, 21 from Bromley

- Eva rates herself 10/10 in the looks department! "How can you expect someone to love you if you don't love yourself?" she says.- Take note boys - she's after someone "with a rugby physique... a real alpha male".- Will she step on any toes to find her dream man? "I don't owe anyone anything - the game is the game." Sounds like it's game on!

Molly, 25 from Manchester

- Model Molly says she'll make a great mate to our Islanders. "I'm really nice and easy to get on with. I'll get along with everyone."- But she's also ready to find love and has her sights set on Luke M! "I like how he dresses, I like how she styles his hair... he seems really confident as well."- Bruno Mars is her celebrity crush, so we can't wait to see if she finds a real Treasure in Casa Amor!

Jamie, 24 from North Ayrshire

- Eyelash technician Jamie describes herself as "loving, bubbly and dramatic". The perfect mix for Casa Amor then!- She likes the look of Wallace and Callum, and is after a lad with nice eyes "because I want my future kids to have nice eyes!"- She's not looking for an overconfident lad though, as she's turned off by "arrogance and someone who loves themselves".

Priscilla, 25 from Battersea

- Priscilla's looking for a man with magnificent manners, as "not saying please and thank you" is her biggest turn off.- Her own worst habit is speaking at the wrong times. "It'll be bedtime and I'll be wanting to have a conversation!" What's wrong with a little pillow talk, ey?- Fun fact: She's a former pageant queen who won Miss Face of Africa and starred in Fuse ODG and Wretch 32's music videos!

Jade, 25 from Yarm

- This Londoner is definitely looking for a boy she can take home to her parents. "My family's seal of approval is very important to me."- Jade's dream man has to be "funny, have nice teeth and make me laugh". We wonder if any of our Islanders will measure up? - She's definitely not afraid to step on toes to find the one. "Some guys are coupled up, but that's a minor setback for me, I'll do anything it take to get my man." Casa Amor, here we go!