Love Island

All about Zara

-This intelligent beauty is a Government Advisor

-Although Zara's job's quite serious, she also has a spontaneous, fun and energetic side. The boys will get the best of both worlds with this beauty!

-Zara's looking for someone to keep her on her toes and wants to meet a man she can "vibe and connect with". We're sure we can get the energy going in our villa.

-With eyes for Adam and Alex, this bombshell is looking to bring out our boys' fun sides.

-Our intelligent lady says she's "good at reading people" and is "always analysing people" - so watch out boys, Zara isn't here to mess around!

-Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Zara says she falls in love quickly, "if I like someone I will go for them 100%." We're sure our boys have lots of love to give.

-This sexy lady is still close to her exes, and hopes they'd say she's a good girlfriend - It looks like our lads will be onto a winner.

-Not one for cheating, Zara says that guys who date more than one girl at once really annoy her. Loyalty is key boys...

-Zara likes a mysterious man so our fitties will have to play it cool around her this summer!

-Zara's biggest turn off is "a guy who is too frugal" - the boys better be willing to splash the cash for this hottie.

-Friendship is not this pretty lady's top priority, saying, "it's every girl for themselves" - hold onto your men Islanders!

Love Island