Casa Amor: Meet the boys

Jordan, 24 from London

- Jordan's going to bring "energy and fun" to Casa Amor and is looking for a girl "who is on the same wavelength as my banter".- His celeb crush is Emilia Clarke, but when it comes to our Islanders he's got his eyes on... everyone!- Fun fact: Jordan's a dab hand at knitting, but he definitely won't need a wooly scarf where he's going!

Ched, 23 from Suffolk

- Scaffolder Ched rates his looks eight out of 10, and says his arms are his best feature - and we can see why!- Rebecca, Sophie and Siânnise have caught his eye already, and he's hoping to end up with someone his mum approves of. "If my mum likes you then it's all go!" he says.- He'll do whatever it takes to secure his dream girl too... "It's not Friend Island, if I fancy someone and she likes me and not you, it's not my fault!"

Josh, 21 from Surrey

- Model Josh describes himself as "kind, caring and cheeky", and rates his looks 10/10. "You've got to back yourself!" he says.- What's his type on paper? Someone "naturally beautiful" who can make good eye contact.- When it comes to turn offs, he's not a fan of bad manners - so remember your pleases and thank yous, girls!

Alexi, 23 from Essex

- This Essex lad is a professional butler in the buff, so it's no surprise he describes himself as a "confident, outgoing guy".- His ideal first date includes a beach, dinner and drinks while watching the sunset. Well, you're in the right place for that, Alexi!- Shaughna and Demi have already caught his attention, and he's after someone "funny, fit and flirty". Could our girls tick his boxes?

George, 27 from Southampton

- Estate agent George has serious curb appeal, and is more than ready to make a big entrance. "I'm definitely going to go into Love Island and turn heads."- He's no stranger to commitment, having had his heart broken twice before. "I'm hoping it's third time lucky with me. The next girl I get with, I want it to be serious."- What chat up line does he use in his quest to find love? "'I'm having you on toast', which always makes girls laugh!"

Biggs, 27 from Glasgow

- If you want a good laugh, Biggs is the guy for you. "I'm a goofy, funny guy. I'm all about being funny and bringing a funny vibe," he says.- His celeb crushes include Cardi B and Sharon Osbourne, but when it comes to our Islanders he's looking in Sophie, Rebecca and Jess' direction.- Will he be making big moves in Casa Amor then? "I'm not worried about stepping on toes - I've got big feet." And you know what they say about guys with big feet...