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Couple goals! Curmy's 10 cutest moments so far

They first set eyes on each other on day two, and by day nine ballroom dancer Curtis and air hostess Amy were officially half-boyfriend and girlfriend (yeah, it's a thing)!

The villa's first official couple of 2019 have made our hearts melt on the regular with their kooky convos, cheesy jokes and adorable bedtime snuggles. We just can't get enough of this perfectly matched pair!

So to keep up our Curmy obsession, let's relive some of their sweetest moments so far...

1. Their hilarious first date, which assured us they were made for each other from the get go.

Curtis spat out champagne and Amy laughed her socks off. Absolute perfection.

2. When Curtis botched their first kiss and somehow ended up chatting about olives.

It was all 100 per cent awkward and absolutely heart-warmingly magical all at the same time.

3. When Curtis knew just what to say about the gorgeous Amy.

Molly-Mae: "How nice does she look tonight?"Curtis: "Every night she looks amazing."Brb just crying into my nachos for one over here.

4. When Curtis kissed Amy straight away after completely friend-zoning Molly-Mae on their hot tub date.

If you look up the word loyal in the dictionary, you'll find the name Curtis Pritchard.

5. When an *enthusiastic* smooch left Curtis covered in red lipstick.**

They're like something out of a rom com, aren't they?

6. When Curtis asked Amy to be his 'half girlfriend' in the hot tub.

Doesn't sound romantic, totally was.

7. Basically just everything about their date in The Hideaway.

Can we get a Curtis to snuggle with every night, pretty please?

8. When they puckered up for The Good, The Bad and The Sexy challenge.

Amy didn't even blink an eye at the cowboy stripper attire and splodges of body paint.

9. When Amy positively beamed as she held Curtis' chin in her hands.

With a jawline like that, how could you not smile?

10. And finally, when Curtis accidentally dressed as Danny from Grease and told Amy she looked beautiful.

You're the one that I want, ooh ooh ooooooh!

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