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In Pictures: Love is in the air on the final dates!

Love is definitely in the air after the Islanders’ stunning final dates!

From string serenades to bougie boats, the romance hit new levels as our couples enjoyed some unforgettable experiences.

As we get closer to the Series 10 final (!!) let’s take a look at the full epic date experiences.

Ella B and Mitchel

It was an early start for our first couple, who headed to a secluded waterfall at dawn to find famous cellist Houser waiting for them.

He delivered a magical performance while Mitchel and Ella B enjoyed a champagne breakfast, made even sweeter when Mitchel asked Ella B to be exclusive.

Molly and Zachariah

It was time to think pink as Molly and Zachariah headed off to a luxury pink mansion!

Pink chairs, pink loungers, pink decorations and pink cocktails were the order of the day - and let’s not forget the giant pink inflatable flamingo...

The pair then sat down to a sushi lunch (pink themed of course) where the love hearts put Zachariah in the mood to say ‘I love you’ to an ecstatic Molly, who said it straight back.

Ella and Tyrique

The romance was burning bright after dark for Ella and Tyrique, who took their love to the next level with a courtyard steak and wine dinner, complete with flaming hearts and an amazing dance performance.

It was the perfect setting for the pair to reflect on their journey, and for Tyrique to ask Ella to be his first ever girlfriend!

Whitney and Lochan

There are epic dates… and then there are yacht dates!

Whitney and Lochan were feeling all kinds of nauti(cal) as they got a taste of the good life on board their very own private luxury yacht.

The pair set sail looking forward to their future outside the Villa, treating themselves to a dip in the jacuzzi and a champagne seafood lunch. It’s giving bougie!

Jess and Sammy

The final epic date saw Sammy suited and booted, and Jess glamming up to become a real life princess!

The bar was set very high on their first official date as boyfriend and girlfriend, as they were whisked off to a romantic ballroom filled with twinkling fairy lights, dancers and a string quartet before sitting down to a romantic dinner.

Did someone say fairytale?

Logo of Love Island
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Love Island