All About India

28-year-old India wants to meet a tall, muscly, handsome and hilarious man, and luckily we’ve got a villa full of them! Find out all about India…

- This stunning brunette babe is a model from Reading.

- Although she earns money from her looks for a living, India rates herself a humble 7 out of 10, and says her eyes and hair are her best features.

- India describes herself as “kind, caring and chatty”. She says one of her worst habits is that she’s always late - but with a few friendship couples in the villa, this late entry might still have time to find love!

India Reynolds

- India’s had her fair share of dating disasters. “I went on a date with a guy once and the next day he told me that his ex-girlfriend had paid a private investigator to follow him and watch us on the date. I didn’t see him again!”

- This sexy single is also done with online dating. “I feel like guys don’t come up to girls anymore, they’d rather wait and slide into your DMs later.” It’s a DM free zone in the villa, so is India’s luck about to change?

- India’s got her eye on Ovie, and newly single Michael. Joanna who?

- She tells us she’s loyal, and has a strong sense of girl code. “Don’t go behind people’s backs, don’t be snakey, be nice and look out for the girls,” she tells us.

Let’s see if her loyalties are tested once she meets our Islanders…