Ladies' Day in pics: Horse racing and Champagne spraying

Time for round one, get bouncing, girls!
Stephanie wasn't a fan of Laura's tactics, 'We all looked like elegant ladies, but we didn’t all act like them.'
Dani was looking graceful as ever...
... Until Megan tried to sabotage her!
Laura bounced her way to victory.
Time for heat two... who will make it through to the final?
Laura tripped at the first hurdle.
Dr Love couldn't bear to watch.
Kaz came in first.
This is one proud boyfriend right here.
Our four finalists got ready for the last round.
It took a messy turn as the boys tried to fill the girls' glasses up with Champagne.
Josh's aim needs A LOT of improvement, poor Kaz was soaked through.
Stephanie was absolutely terrified!
Our resident surfer was filling her jug up like it was nobody's business.
Laura took home the trophy. Good luck getting that Champagne out of your clothes, ladies!