Love Island

10 biggest shockers of the series so far

Hold onto your hats, folks. These moments are about to leave you well and truly gobsmacked all over again.

We've seen huge rows, dramatic recouplings and more crackers confessions than you could shake an ice pop at this series - and that's before we even get onto the topic of Casa Amor...

So let's recap some of the biggest shockers we've witnessed over this summer of love so far.

1. When Maura spoon fed Michael and made the villa SCREAM.

It's fair to say Maura brought the drama from the second she stepped foot in the villa! On her first date with Michael, she got very flirty with their food, sending the girls into a mega meltdown as they watched from the roof terrace.

2. When Danny dumped Yewande for Arabella.

He'd been laying it on Yewande factor 50 thick for days, but just as she was ready to commit, Arabella walked in and turned Danny's head. The result? Yewande was sent packing in one of the most tense recouplings ever.

3. When Tom got caught gossiping by Maura and missed out on a hot Hideaway date.

We still can't quite believe this happened...

Tom and Maura bagged themselves a romantic night in The Hideaway, but she called it off in spectacular fashion after overhearing him tell the lads he wants to see "if she's all mouth or not". Cue one HUGE blazing row and a very lonely night for Tom.

4. When Belle said yes to shaving Anton's bum.

In things we thought we never see on Love Island, Belle grabbed the clippers and got on her knees to groom Anton's furry cheeks. Cannot. unsee. this.

5. When Curmy split in the most dramatic way and Amy decided to leave the villa.

Casa Amor broke Curmy for good, with Amy returning ready to declare her love for Curtis, not knowing his head had been turned by Jourdan. Ouch.

She couldn't take the heartbreak, so she decided to pack her bags and wave goodbye to villa life in very emotional scenes that had the nation weeping.

6. When Joanna left the Island in the biggest dumping twist yet.

Joanna and Michael found themselves at risk of being dumped at the Island Club, but then came the twist - one of them could remain in the villa.

Their fellow Islanders voted to save Michael, sending Joanna home alone. Let's just say she wasn't too happy when Michael decided not to follow her...

7. When Lucie revealed her true feelings for Tommy.

File this one under 'the one that got away'!

We all thought they were just good mates, but Lucie later confessed she had feelings beyond friendship for Tommy. However, the ever-loyal lad stuck by Molly-Mae, leaving Lucie to continue her journey alone.

8. When Tommy revealed he'd never been shopping. Ever.

That's right, this semi-pro boxer has stepped into a ring, but never into a supermarket.

9. When Maura revealed her secret Curtis crush.

Well, we did not see this one coming!

After all the Curmy drama had taken place, Maura quickly started making moves by confessing her crush to Lucie. She then told the man in question, spawning the start of our most unexpected couple yet.

10. When Curtis showed off his sexy dancing skills.

Sure, we knew Curtis was a dancer, but we never thought we'd see him dance like THIS! He shook his money maker in all the girls laps and faces, even taking Maura for a spin around the firepit. See you at Carnival next year, Curtis?

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