Love Island

The boys' 8 best BROMENTS so far

There made be some strong couples in the villa right now, but our boys really have got a bond like no other. Need some first date advice? A post-dumping pep talk? How about a poolside singing partner? The lads of Love Island will bend over 560 degrees backwards to help a fellow bro out.

So if their friendships make you catch feels, scroll down to refreshify your memory of their greatest broments (bros, moments, broments, get it?) so far.

1. Curtis and Tommy's heart-to-heart (and lips-to-lips)

These two have pretty much been in a friendship couple since their arrival , developing a brotherly bond like no other - one that includes deep moonlit chats about their relationship, resulting in lots of hugging and a quick peck.

Because that's just what BROTHERS FOR LIFE do.

2. Michael's proud dad moment

We love a guy who stans his own mates, which is exactly what Michael did when Anton returned from a successful date with Arabella. "I'm so proud of you!" he shouted with excitement over and over again, while hugging his bestie slash holding him in a headlock.

3. Pre-date toilet tips

When Joe was feeling the nerves before his first date with Lucie, the lads came to the rescue with some wondrous words of wisdom. Their first tip: don't tell her you love her. Their second tip: have a pre-show poo.

Now THAT is what friends are for.

4. LADS ON TOUR (at the spa)

The boys fully embraced their day away from the villa, which didn't consist of go karting, paintballing or a sweaty match of zorb football. Nope, instead they were whisked off for a spa day and truly loved every minute of their pampering sesh. Can we get a hoorah for self care and smashing gender stereotypes?

5. Don't blame it on the sunshine Tom, blame it on the lads

When Tom found himself in THAT "all mouth or not" drama with Maura, the guys quickly jumped to his rescue (after they'd finished laughing, obvs). They were more than willing to take the fall for their mate, with Curtis imploring him to "blame it all on the lads".

6. That night also spawned one of the best broments EVER

Michael and Danny tried their hardest to stop Tom putting his foot in it even more, sending him not-so subtle signals to stop talking as they spotted Maura listening in from behind the door. It was definitely too late, but hey, they tried their best.

7. Anton's recoupling cuddle of confidence

After a dramatic recoupling left Yewande packing her bags, Danny was left all lonely on the swing seat, stressing over his decision. Cue Anton running to his rescue with open arms and reassuring words of wisdom: "We both made the right choice. As hard as it was, we both made the right choice."

Altogether now, aaaaawwwww!

8. It's the cliiiiiiiiimb

If there's one thing best bros should be able to do together, it's sing their hearts out to a Miley Cyrus anthem. And that's exactly what Tommy did when Curtis's pep talk about metaphorically climbing hills prompted him to perform his very own version of The Climb.

It may have been lyrically inaccurate, but it was perfect in so many other ways.

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