Love Island

Match the Islanders to their childhood pics: Part 2!

Wow! Aftersun have delivered some more outstanding childhood pics of our Islanders, guaranteed to put your family albums to shame. So scroll down and start guessing who's who!

1. Who could this glam girl be?

We're getting major Year 11 prom vibes.

Don't let the hair colour fool you - of course it's the gorgeous Molly-Mae!

2. You won't need to think too hard for this one...

Our teenage pics = worthy of burning.Amber's teenage pics = SO glam.

That's right, it's our girl Amber. Anyone else want to see her bring back the red lipstick?

3. Say aloha to this young dancer!

Dressed for the villa from an early age.

Curtis' smile hasn't changed one bit, has it?

4. This look says 'I'm going to be a scientist AND a TV star'.

Jewellery, outfit and jazzy carpet on point.

Yay for Yewande! She's since switched sitting on stairs for sitting on Beach Hut chairs.

Love Island