Meet our Aussie Islanders

Get ready for a summer of love like no other... series one of Love Island Australia is coming to ITV2 on Monday 15th June!

All the way from across the globe, 10 young beauties have packed their bags (and their bathers) for a long hot summer in Majorca. So let's meet the Sheilas and Bruces (girls and guys to you and me) looking for love...


Millie, 24, from Sydney

- Turn up the tunes, brunette babe Millie is the ultimate party girl! "I'm the star of everyone's Snapchat stories, screaming my head off, dancing on tables, running through water fountains, break my shoes, getting naked," she says. We can only imagine what antics she'll get up to in the villa...

- When she's not partying Millie works in doggy day care, so she definitely needs a guy who shares her love of puppies and pooches.

- She's run a mile from commitment in the past, but is hoping to find someone in the villa who will finally change her ways.

Cassidy, 23, from Melbourne

- Barmaid Cassidy describes herself as an easy-going kind of girl, and is looking for a boy with "surfer vibes" who's just as laid back.

- The "country girl at heart" loves nothing more than reading raunchy romance novels, but admits she's shy when it comes to approaching boys in real life.

- Her last serious relationship lasted four years, and she's been single for two years since. Will Cassidy's time in the villa end her dry spell? Here's hoping!

Erin, 23, from Melbourne

- Girls, watch out. Erin's coming for all of the boys! “I want to find love, but I bet I don’t as all the guys will be so hot, I’ll just want to make out with every single one of them.”

- But if she can narrow it down to just one, her list of requirements include a love for Disney movies, exercising, tanning and lazy Sundays.

- This babe's not just a stunner, she's smart too. Despite dropping out of school early, Erin's since gone on to bag a degree in nursing.

Natasha, 24, from Perth

- Beauty salon owner Natasha is all about the high life, having dated millionaires in the past - and now she's looking for a boy that *preferably* has his own boat. No pressure lads.

- Her dating history isn't quite as rich though, admitting she's been on hundreds of dates recently, but still hasn't found that romantic spark.

- Confidence is something she has in bucketloads though, as she claims she's never been embarrassed by anything. We wish we could say the same!

Tayla, 21, from Perth

- Tayla's not just a beauty, she's an actual beauty queen, snapping up the Miss Universe Australia crown in 2015.

- She's a radio presenter by day and an amateur boxer by night, and she's looking for a blonde, blue-eyed boy with muscles to match hers!

- But being clingy is a big no-no when it comes to relationships. Only independent boys who are "driven" and "family-orientated" need apply.


Josh, 25, from Sydney

- When it comes to looks, Josh rates himself 10/10, taking that down to a *modest* 9.95/10 for personality.

- The wandering eye is strong with this sports administrator. "A girl will fall in love with me on the first date and I with her, but I may fall in love three times that night.”

- However, he admits he's never actually been in love and hopes to find it for the first in the villa. Awwww.

Justin, 27, from Melbourne

- Yep, you already guessed it: buff boy Justin is a professional model. He now lives in New York city, where he's a regular strutter on the high fashion catwalks.

- You'd think he'd have girls queueing round the block to date him, but Justin's now after someone who'll love him for more than his looks.

- In fact, he's determined to settle down and hopes to get married within the next five years. So could he be leaving the villa with a wifey-to-be in tow? *buys a hat immediately*

Charlie, 22, from Sydney

- If the girls are on the hunt for a sexy sportsman, they don't need to look any further than rugby star Charlie, who's represented Australia in the Commonwealth Games.

- But he's not just talented on the pitch. He also plays the guitar and can sing. Who wouldn't step forward for that?

- Family is also priority for this loyal lad. He's heading into the villa to find a gorgeous girl (preferably blonde with blue or green eyes) who he can take home to his mum.

Grant, 22, Canberra

- As a wise man once said: "Tradies get the ladies!" So we can't wait to see if any sparks fly between electrician Grant and the girls this summer.

- He's at his most confident when he's got his shirt off (we can't imagine why...) and gets his nickname from his musical idol: Elvis.

- Despite being a self-confessed 'larrakin' (that's a boisterous bloke to you and me) around his mates, Grant now wants nothing more than to settle down and start a family.

Eden, 25, Sydney

- By day this buff boy is a prison officer, but by night he hails himself as a "dancing machine".

- When it comes to the ladies, Eden's standards are high. Anyone who wants to win him over "must have big boobs, big booty, some lip fillers", as well as a "wild personality". Good luck ticking all of those boxes, girls!

- He's been single for six months, admitting he got "bored of being with the same girl" in his last relationship. Fingers crossed boredom doesn't strike in the villa then!