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Meet the Casa Amor boys

Kain, 21, from Gateshead

- Geordie boy Kain is looking for love in Casa Amor, but also can't wait to for a bit of bromance. "I’m fun, charismatic and energetic. 90% of me is going in there for the girls, but I’d love to have a bit of lad banter while I’m in there as well."

- This energy consultant has already got his sights set on a few of our lasses too. "If I had my choice it would be Samie, as soon as I start talking to her I think there's a good chance it could happen. I also like Lana, she’s obviously coupled up, but in Casa Amor the other boys aren’t there so we’ll have to see what happens won’t we?!" We will indeed!

Ryan, 22, from Nottingham

- Say hello to steel erector Ryan! He's heading into Casa Amor with a strong flirting strategy already in place. "I like to play it cool, I’ll let a girl know if I’m interested but I’d never put pressure on anything. I do like eye contact, Tom’s been doing it a fair bit in there and the girls seem to like it."

- What's the one thing our girls need to know about him? "I snore, I’ll have to let the girls know that before we share a bed… hopefully that’s with Samie." Subtle, very subtle!

Frankie, 22, from Ipswich

- Professional boxer Frankie describes himself as "laid back", but now he's ready to fight for the girl of his dreams. "I don't usually have to do a lot of chasing... so it might be a little bit of a switch up in the villa. I'm aware that I might have to take the boxing gloves off and get the grafting gloves on."

- So, what is he looking for in a potential partner? "Initial attraction needs to be there, but if I can't spend all day with you without getting bored or wanting to go and speak to someone else, then that's a red flag for me."

Maxwell, 23, from London

- Finance student Maxwell can't wait to get his graft on in Casa Amor, and he won't be holding back! "I’ll definitely speak my mind, I won’t be afraid to go after what I want or tell it as it is."

- He's looking for "kindness and honesty" in a partner, but which of our girls could fit the bill? "Samie. She keeps it real and she seems like she’s not afraid to speak her mind." Sounds like you've got something in common already!

Bayley, 25, from Surrey

- Want a boy who's an open book? Then you need to get to know Bayley. "I’ll be very open, I’m not afraid to talk about my feelings and give others advice if they need it. I’m also in there for myself, so I’m going to have to put myself first when it comes to the girls. If I tread on a few toes, so be it."

- If this operations manager does catch your eye, you'll have to tick one box in particular. "Being family oriented. Family is really important to me, so I need someone to slot in nicely."

Martin, 27, from Dublin

- Irish lad Martin is making the trip to South Africa in his quest to find love, and he can't wait to create some chaos! "I'm excited to go in, cause some confusion, some little problems. It's a 50/50 chance - win or lose - but I'm a winner."

- He's good pals with series eight star Dami Hope, but this senior software engineer's life isn't all big nights out with the lads. "I have a really nerdy job. I'm into really nerdy stuff. I think the girls like it, but I don't admit it initially, they see it later."

Logo of Love Island
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