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Meet the Casa Amor girls

Layla, 28, from London

- Expect nothing but confidence and great chat from brand managing director Layla! “I think that I’ll be a standout Islander. Regardless of being amongst a group of girls, I’ll prove that I stand out. I like to find out lots about people, so I’ll definitely be the one to ask the weird questions.”

- And who exactly will she be asking all her best questions to? "Ron! He’s cheeky and he’s like a lad. I really fancy Will, too. My type is Louis Theroux and he just gives that vibe. I also fancy Shaq, but he seems to be unavailable!” Three may be a crowd, but not for our Layla!

Sammy, 27, from Leicester

- Blonde beauty buyer Sammy currently lives in Dubai, but is boarding the plane for South Africa to find love - and she knows precisely what she’s looking for. "I need someone to know exactly where he’s going in life, so they’re not intimidated by me. I’m a go-getter. I’m also looking for someone with a big heart, someone that adores his family, and someone who’s a little bit silly."

- She’s sure to have the boys on their toes any time of day, even better if it’s first thing! "I’m a morning girl, I’m in the ‘5am club’. I like to go windsurfing and I’m very adventurous. I’m a big manifester, I’ve manifested everything that’s come into my life.” Set your alarms now, lads…

Cynthia, 25, from London

- Eyes on the prize, boys! Cynthia’s got her grating technique down to a fine art. "It’s just eye contact… when you don’t look at a guy, they take it that you’re not interested. When you lock the eye contact, that’s when they’re like, ‘OK…’ and they make their move. It’s worked for me in the past.”

- She’s a dental receptionist and baker by day, and is looking to share her life with someone… at any cost. "I’ll be a girls’ girl, but only to the girls that are my girls. If I have a connection with someone, I can’t stop that connection just because of what’s gone on, because that wouldn’t be fair to myself.”

Sanam, 24, from Bedford

- Stunning social worker Sanam is bringing nothing but good vibes to the villa, and a whole load of graft too! "I’m laid-back and fun, but if there’s ‘that person’ then I mean business!”

- She’s already been sizing up our boys and has a strong wishlist to get started with. "Kai is my number one. Job wise, I think that we’d connect a lot and I think he’s cute! Tom, I love his beard! He’s not my usual type, but there’s something about him that attracts me physically. Casey, he doesn’t seem that serious and I think you could have fun and banter with him.”

Lydia, 22, from Glasgow

- “Bubbly and chatty” Lydia is backing herself all way into Casa amor, and has a simple but effective strategy. "You just have to be yourself, looks are only going to get you so far, so being able to listen and have a laugh is a good technique.”

- So, what boxes will the lads need to tick for this retail customer assistant? "I’m looking for someone to bounce off, and someone who is able to support and care for me. Humour is a big thing, too so I’m looking for someone who’s not too serious and can have a laugh.” Better brush up on those jokes, boys!

Lynda, 22, from Manchester

- Want someone who says it how it is? Then you’ll love healthcare assistant and singer Lynda when she struts into Casa Amor. "I’ll be fun, energetic, confident and not afraid to speak my mind or express myself."

- A note for her potential partners: you’ll need to match her energy and let your fun side flow too. "The most important thing is humour, he needs to be funny and be able to make me laugh. I also need someone that's very energetic and exciting, he can’t be boring. If he’s boring, ‘Bye!’."

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