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Meet the girls

Tanyel, 26 from North London

  • Hair stylist Tanyel wants to find someone who keeps her on her toes! The typical bad boy is this Londoner’s type on paper, but she says, “I’m ready to meet someone and push myself out of my comfort zone.” 

  • Tanyel is extra picky when it comes to dating. She says, “I’m single because I’m so fussy!” We hope our boys will measure up!

  • Frugal fellas should stay clear of our boujee babe! Stingy guys give Tanyel the ick. She says, “It makes me feel sick. If you’re tight, I will never see you again in my life, honestly!”

Anna-May, 20 from Swansea

  • Payroll administrator Anna-May is ready for a relationship! She says, “I’ve been single for quite a while, my mother is bugging me, she’s like, ‘You need to find a boyfriend’.”

  • Our chatterbox once talked so much on a date, she sent an admirer to sleep! “I had to clink his wine glass to wake him up”, she says. Let’s hope our boys are a bit more alert!

  • A trip to the world’s most famous jail is this Welsh wonder’s ideal first date. “I would take him to Alcatraz, I love stuff like that.”

Lana, 25 from Luton

  • Makeup artist Lana is single and ready to mingle. “I’m normally a relationship type of person so the fact that I’ve been single for two, almost three, years is quite rare for me.”

  • A true romantic at heart, Lana says, “I’m amazing in a relationship! I’m a good cook, good at tickles, I’m fun to be around - but also very relaxed and laid back.” 

  • She’s got an extra special talent when it comes to pulling someone for a chat… Lana is fluent in Spanish! “I use it quite a lot on nights out, that’s my pulling method”, she says. Our bilingual queen is ready to flirt her way to “a little love story”.

Tanya, 22 from Liverpool

  • Biomedical Science student Tanya is leaving her lab coat behind to find love in sunny South Africa! 

  • Tanya describes herself as spontaneous, fun, and confident, and promises to “bring good vibes and good energy” to the villa. But don’t test our Scouse babe! Tanya says, “I’m super nice, but don’t let it fool you. I want to be friends with everyone, but if you’re gonna be cheeky I’m the sort of person that will give it back.”

  • Tanya expects the princess treatment or no treatment at all! She falls in love quickly, but keeps her cards close to her chest. “I could be in love, but I will keep it to myself so he doesn’t know straight away”, she says.

Olivia, 27 from Brighton

  • Ring girl and actress Olivia has never been in a relationship before, but says she would “be an amazing girlfriend”. She reveals, “I’m really ready to settle down and hopefully find the love of my life”. We hope she meets her match in the villa!

  • Olivia’s biggest ick is when guys use umbrellas. “It’s a really weird one, but it’s just the thought of them running outside under the umbrella,” she says. Lucky for her, the boys won’t need to pick up a brolly much in the South African sun!

  • From being a body double for Michelle Keegan and Emma Watson to playing a waitress in a Bond movie, Olivia has many claims to fame! This actress has had her share of celebrity encounters - she’s even been in a film with A-lister Jason Statham.

Logo of Love Island
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Love Island