Love Island

All about Michael

Did someone call a firefighter? We hope so, because our Michael is ready to save you from a tree any time, any day, anywhere! Want to get to know the lad? Right this way...

- The 27-year-old Liverpudlian is a ‘straight-talking guy’, and loves nothing more than ‘telling people how it is’ on the regs. Phew, we think he’ll fit in just fine.

- “I get complimented on my smile a lot," he tells us. “People are obsessed with my lips. I’d rate myself ten out of ten. I would have said nine but I’m a hero so it bumps it up.” Confidence. We like it.

- Intellect, banter and ‘a nice bum’ are high on Michael’s list of things he looks for in a girl, as well as someone who doesn’t take themselves all that seriously.

- On the topic of bro code: “If I like somebody then I’ll go for it. There’s not really anything that could stop me,” he says, adding: “If she then likes me… sorry! It is how it is.”

- Anyone trying to impress Michael needs to smother themselves in deodorant ASAP, as his immediate turn-off is ‘somebody that smells’.

- Grab the tissues though, because this firefighter has had to save himself from a broken heart one too many times, telling us: “I’ve been cheated on plenty.”

- Though he’s the first to admit that he too has strayed. Just the once, mind.

- His love life so far has been full of ‘ups and downs’, stating that it’s all been a bit emosh when it comes to finding the one.

- So let’s get Michael in that villa and just hope there’s some sort of pole for him to slide down. You know, for practice.

Love Island