Love Island

The most epic recoupling speeches of the series

If there's one thing guaranteed to bring a bit of drama to the villa, it's a good ol' recoupling. Hearts can be warmed and broken in the space of an evening as our Islanders take their pick of their fellow sexy young singletons - and pour their hearts out in an attempt to pull the partner they want.

So prepare to swoon as we relive some of their most romantic lines that have left their lips this series!

1. Danny sweeps Yewande off her feet

Model Danny set the bar SO high when he shared his feelings for Yewande in week two, making us all melt with one of the most memorable recoupling speeches to date.

"She has great character, amazing features inside and out - I think there's boxes that she ticks that I didn't even know needed ticking," he said, as the nation erupted into rapturous applause for Yewande.

2. Tommy pours his heart out to Molly-Mae

Danny: *does epic recoupling speech*

Tommy: Hold my beer.

Our buff boxer bared his whole soul in week four, telling Molly-Mae exactly how he felt with lines that sounded like something out of a fairytale.

"She truly is the girl of my dreams and in such a short space of time, I'm pretty sure I've found the one that I've been looking for all my life. If I had a magic wand, I wouldn't change a single thing about her."

Anyone else feeling all warm and fuzzy inside?

3. Belle makes Anton beam with happiness

Despite having a blazing row days earlier, Belle patched things up with Anton perfectly and very publicly during week seven's epic recoupling.

"Recently we've had a few problems, shall we say, and things - well, I - may have got a little bit crazy. But it's only made me realise that you can handle me at my best and my worst, which means a lot to me," she professed.

Brb, we're off to cry Anton-style happy tears.

4. Amber faces a tough decision

Not all recoupling speeches are filled with romantic rhymes, as Amber proved when she had to make a tough choice between her ex Michael and new lad Greg.

"I feel like I've been through a lot, it was quite hard for me to handle, and it's hard choosing whether to go with your heart or your head," she said.

Her public deliberation kept us all on edge, as she really made us feel the full heat of the firepit before selecting Greg.

5. Francesca delivers the most savage speech EVER

Left with no choice but to couple up with last boy standing Michael, Francesca's week seven speech will go down in Love Island history as one of the most hilarious ever.

"I've personally really struggled to find a connection with anyone here. So you're an expert, I'm hoping you might be able to teach me a few things!," she told Michael, adding:"I think you're a great person and I haven't really got any other choice!" as the Islanders (including Michael) burst into fits of laughter.


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