Love Island

8 times Ovie's life advice inspired us all

Whenever our Islanders need a good pep talk, there's one guy they can rely on for some solid life advice. Enter, Ovie...

The basketball hunk slash hat superfan always knows the right words to say, whether his pals are caught in a love triangle or need a fresh perspective on their relationship. Then there are the times he says something magical for no reason at all, but we're still there to lap every last line up.

So get ready to feel refreshed and elevated as we count down some of Ovie's best inspirational quotes of the series.

1. "The heart wants what the heart wants, guys."

It really does, and in our case the heart wants a sofa and a full bucket of sweet popcorn right now.

2. "You run through obstacles when you want what's on the other side."

Said so profoundly as he launched himself at a brick wall.

3. "S***'s gonna f****** hurt, let that s*** hurt."

His sound (and very sweary) advice for Michael was pretty deep for first thing in the morning.

4. "Whatever's happened before, that's the past. Just do your thing, bruv. Do you my G."

Fresh advice served piping hot to Greg while Ovie casually ironed his shirt. Standard.

5. "Don't fight yourself, because that will make you more frustrated than anything."

You heard the man, swallow that pride Michael.

6. "You're trying to juggle two eggs. If you drop both of them, you're gonna splatter them, instead of just putting one down."

That's right Curtis, nobody wants scrambled egg all over the villa floor.

7. "At the end of the day, to win big, you've gotta bet big."

We all know he meant this in the most metaphorical way possible - aka do not run down to your local casino with your life savings today.

8. "If you wanna make a big boy call, own up to it like a man. Don't start pointing fingers."

All hail Ovie, king of comforting Amber since June 2019.

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