Love Island

The 8 rules of Love island girl code

We hear the lovely ladies of the villa talk about girl code on the regular, but what does it really mean? Although there's no official rule book, we think we've got the hang of it.

From breaking up with a lad to cracking on with a new guy, our girls know exactly how to approach any situation, all while showing each other the utmost love and respect. So let's run down those all-important girl code rules, shall we?

1. Back your girl whenever a blazing row breaks out.

Nothing beats a room full of gal pals going up against one misbehaving man.

2. Send good vibes her way when she gets a hot date.

Even start a prayer circle if you have to, Anna, Maura and Molly-Mae style.

3. When a guy does her wrong, give her the love she needs - tough or otherwise.

Whatever your comforting style, you'd better be there in your girl's time of need.

4. Caught in a love triangle? Call the guy over to get the full truth.

Joanna earned some serious girl code points by making Michael own up to his words in front of both herself and Amber. Girl power to the max!

5. If she wants to dump her lad, join her and dump yours too.

Is there a higher level of unity than dumping a guy at the same time so your mate doesn't feel alone?

6. Tell a girl exactly what her man said to you - and let her take notes.

Keeping receipts is an absolute necessity.

7. Stop them from going back to their ex through any means possible.

If you need to throw sequin pillows, you throw sequin pillows.

8. And finally, when her man's dumped from the villa, it's all girls on deck.

The power of female friendship will carry you through any heartbreak.

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