Love Island

The internet reacts to Maura pieing Tom

A word of advice, lads. When your love interest invites you on a hot date, don't talk to the guys about her potentially laying it on you in earshot of said love interest. Trust us, it will not go down well (watch it here and cringeeee).

That's exactly what happened to Tom and Maura last night, as he said he wanted to see "if she's all mouth or not" - and of course, she heard him, cancelling their date in a matter of seconds. Ouch.

The internet literally (OK, not literally) exploded as it happened, treating us to some of the best Love Island reactions we've ever seen. Scroll and enjoy...

The iconic Curtis reaction was practically made for this moment.

Only a badass like Maura could become her own meme. Yaaasssss kween!

Is this the new 'u ok hun?'?

Some of you were absolutely LIVING for the drama (and we can't blame you).

Explaining to your boss why you only got five hours sleep last night is going to be a struggle.

If there's one thing better than a kick off, it's the aftermath of the kick off.

Boy problems? Always channel your inner GC.

Tommy's face. That is all.

File this under 'Love Island twists we weren't emotionally prepared for'.

Someone go and buy balloons and confetti cannons right this instant!

Love Island