Love Island

The internet reacts to Danny and Yewande's kiss

FINALLY, Yewande's gone full factor 50 on Danny. Hooray!

Our girl showed her crush some love last night, opening up about her feelings and sealing the deal with one big kiss. We couldn't be happier - and neither could you, judging by how Twitter went OFF during the episode!

So let's relish this moment by reliving the best reactions to Yanny's evening of romance.

Never has a meme been more accurate. *sobs with joy*

You felt the intensity of their smooch too, 'ey?

If there's one thing you can't do in the villa, it's have a snog without an audience.

This reads like absolute poetry.

Yes they are, and we're totes emosh about it!

Is it just us, or is anyone else feeling this look deep in their soul?

This is basically what we all wanted to scream.

Should we buy a hat now?

If you think about it, Grease is essentially the story of Yewande's life.

Clearly their kiss is what we'd all been waiting for.

Love Island