Love Island

The official Love Island 2019 dictionary

Our vocabulary has expanded by AT LEAST eight words this summer thanks our Islanders, who have selflessly educated us in the latest Love Island lingo. We are truly blessed.

From bevs to shapes and chives to para, join us in getting up to scratch on what it is they've been saying the whole time.

Bevvy/Bev: Coined by Lucie in the villa's early days, this term refers to an extremely attractive person of the opposite sex - not a drink as some people might think.

She clearly thought Joe was a total bev.

Categorically: Mostly used by Molly-Mae in rows, 'categorically' can be dropped into any phrase to emphasise the serious nature of a situation.

We're categorically obsessed with all the drama.

Chivey: Tommy declared the word 'chive' one of his favourites over a breakfast date with Molly-Mae (weird flex, but OK), quickly turning it into a secret codeword for the two of them. The negative expression refers to tension, feelings of animosity or general annoyance in the villa.

"It's getting a bit chivey up in here" or "I'm getting chived" are popular uses.

Danger zone: We never thought kissing someone in bed would be described as dangerous, but Arabella enlightened us all by explaining the 'danger zone' - a situation in which a snogging sesh could potentially lead to more, so you really have to try and hold back due to sharing a bedroom with at least 10 people at any one time. This is officially known as 'entering the danger zone'.

Arabella and Danny are currently at about level eight of 10, FYI.

Factor 60: When you graft harder than you've ever grafted before, you're not just laying it on factor 50 thick - you're taking it one step further by going all the way up to the big 6-0.

Think Anton making romantic morning coffees for literally anyone.

It is what it is: What more can we say other than... it is what it is?

It is what it is. That is all.

Let's have a chat: When tensions rise and things get totes awks, it's time to clear the air. How do our Islanders do that? By pulling people aside for a chat (aka a slightly passive aggressive conversation that we often have to watch through our fingers).

You know that feeling when your boss asks to see you in their office, so you run through a mental list of everything you've ever done wrong in your life? Yeah, that.

Para: Paranoid about something? There's no need to use the full Oxford English Dictionary term, save yourself the extra millisecond and just shorten it to para.

We're currently para about people seeing the amount of empty crisp packets in our car.

Shapes: You may of heard of love triangles, but this year we've seen love squares cause major drama in the villa. Unsurprisingly, many of the Islanders have express their hatred for such shapes, yearning for the classic simplicity of a straight line.

The real question is, will there ever be a love dodecahedron in the villa? Never say never.

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