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The Love Island Graftie Awards: The Nominees and Your Winners!

Celebrating the very best of Love Island Series 10 and ultimately chosen by YOU via Love Island Instagram Stories, The Love Island Grafties definitely delivered an evening of entertainment!

Here’s the complete list of nominees and your winners of this season’s hottest award ceremony.

  • Flirtiest Performance

Abi being grafted by Scott and Mitch

WINNER: Ella B laying it on thick with Tyrique

Scott working out with Abi while Mitch was on a date

  • It’s Giving Plot Twist

Jess on a date with Josh

WINNER: Mitchel telling Kady he wants Ella B in his bed

Zachariah telling Molly there’s nothing between him and Kady

  • Most Snakey Sitch

WINNER: Abi saying she’s not sure if Ella B likes Mitch

Jess saying Zachariah is the problem

Lochan telling Whitney Mitch said he’s got the ick

  • WTF? Moment

WINNER: Molly pulling Whitney and Kady about the Snog, Marry, Pie Challenge

Sammy telling Josh he didn’t want to talk to him after he stole Jess

Jess telling the girls she got to know Josh to make Sammy jealous

  • Best Head To Head

Whitney pieing Zachariah in Snog, Marry, Pie

WINNER: Ella confronting Ella B about the Battle of the Ellas

Mitchel calling out Abi while she spoke to Ella B

  • Mad Moves

Zachariah snogging Kady and then laughing in Snog, Marry, Pie

Tyrique encouraging Ella B to split up Abi and Mitchel’s chat

WINNER: Mitchel telling Abi it’s forced with Ella B

Logo of Love Island
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Love Island