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10 most tweeted about moments of Love Island 2019

We've got one word for this series of Love Island: UNREAL.

This summer of love has given us so many unforgettable moments, all of which have sent tongues wagging and fingers frantically typing across the globe.

So, who wants to find out what's sent the internet into a frenzy over the past nine weeks? Let's take a look at your most tweeted about moments of the series...

1. Amber returns from Casa Amor to find Michael recoupled

Probably the most dramatic moment of the series, the nation watched in disbelief as Amber walked into the villa ready to rejoin Michael, only to find Michael recoupled with new girl Joanna! We won't be forgetting this night in a hurry, and it takes the top spot as your most tweeted about moment of Love Island 2019.

2. Michael and Anna have it out

It was the row that spawned Michael's signature phrase "CHALDISH", which he repeated as he fell out with Anna over aaaall of the Casa Amor drama.

3. Tommy and Curtis arrive in the villa

Our very first bombshells entered the villa at the end of episode one - and they were none other than Love Island finalists Tommy and Curtis!

4. Yewande's dumped from the Island

She'd had a tough time caught in a love triangle with Danny and Arabella, but things got even worse as Yewande was left single and boarding a plane home in week four.

5. Tommy couples up with Lucie

Throwback! Who remembers when these two were in a couple?

Tommy picked Lucie to be his partner in week one, leaving her soon-to-be half boyfriend Joe single for a few excruciating days.

6. Curmy officially break up

This totes emosh moment had us all in tears, as we witnessed Curtis and Amy call time on their seemingly strong relationship. *sobs uncontrollably*

7. Maura turns Tommy's head 560 degrees

Bombshell Maura had an instant impact on Tommy when she arrived in the villa, turning his head from Molly-Mae a mathematically impossible amount. We literally couldn't take the sizzling tension between these two!

8. Storm Anna strikes on Jordan

This unforgettable fallout came in week eight, when Anna caught boyfriend Jordan confessing his romantic interest in India. Needless to say, things did not end well as the couple had a full-blown bust up in front of their fellow Islanders.

9. Arabella is dumped from the Island

The neon party did not end well for Danny and Arabella, as the lads of the villa chose Arabella to leave that night. Danny was then left single as he said goodbye to his second partner of the series so far.

10. Maura pies Tom before their Hideaway date

Tom royally put his foot in it before a hot Hideaway date with Maura, telling the lads he wanted to see if she's "all mouth or not" as she listened in. The internet went into meltdown as she publicly pied him in one rather epic row!

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